Trapped in the Dark


My eyes fly open and the room is pitch black as i lay in my bed i have this feeling that I’m not alone… My body has this sensation about it, this ominous Aura surrounding my body that makes me want to scream and Jump out of the bed but too paralyzed with fear to do so… I know this
feeling, This feeling that I have felt many many times before I know what’s next so I try to brace myself knowing of the sheer terror that I’m about to endure…

All of a sudden my body feels like it is shutting down, I hear this buzzing and its getting louder by the second… My eyes are heavy I’m fighting to keep them open, I feel this powerful crushing pressure that starts at the tips of my fingers and my toes as it rushes up my limbs until it engulfs my whole body… Still fighting to keep my eyes open as they are growing heavier and heavier… I’m loosing the battle and finally it Happens my eyes close…

At that instant everything STOP’s!!!

I’m Trapped in the Dark unable to speak unable to move and unable to control anything Because I’m Paralyzed!!!

You’d think I would be used to this by now… I have been suffering from sleep paralysis since I was 10 years old… But honestly it gets worse every time, each episode longer and more terrifying than the last…
What is Sleep Paralysis???

Sleep paralysis consists of a period of inability to perform voluntary movements either at sleep onset (called hypnogogic or predormital form) or upon awakening (called hypnopompic or postdormtal form).

Sleep paralysis may also be referred to as isolated sleep paralysis, familial sleep paralysis, hynogogic or hypnopompic paralysis, predormital or postdormital paralysis

What are the symptoms?

A complaint of inability to move the trunk or limbs at sleep onset or upon awakening
Presence of brief episodes of partial or complete skeletal muscle paralysis
Episodes can be associated with hypnagogic hallucinations or dream-like mentation (act or use of the brain)
Polysomnography (a sleep recording) shows at least one of the following:

suppression of skeletal muscle tone
a sleep onset REM period
dissociated REM sleep…

As I lay there Paralyzed The battle begins I’m screaming with out a sound being made… I’m fighting to get my frozen body to move, I’m trying to force my eyes to open But the ability to do so is impossible… As my body is wanting to go deeper into sleep I become more consciously aware of everything around me… I start actively dreaming I hear body’s moving around me… I hear them mumbling words that i cant make out… The body’s tend to circle me I feel the wind blow over my body as they pass by with each passing by getting closer and closer to me… I begin to panic and fight more as I feel hands touching my body foreign hands, Cold hands… I’m screaming even more I have to get somebody to wake me up… I try to thrash my body around hoping to arouse myself enough to break free from this Paralyzed sleeping state… The more I fight the more people are holding me down the more people I feel touching me the more I fight… It’s like I’m fighting for my life and loosing… I’m fearful that if I don’t wake up soon I will be stuck here forever… I’m fearful that it is my repressed memories coming to get me… I’m fearful it is insanity trying to take over my already troubled mind…

Suddenly the weight is lifted and my eyes pop open…
my heart is racing a mile a minute and I have this overwhelming since of fear about myself and what I have just gone though…

As I close my eyes and release a sigh of relief I’m Paralyzed again as though a truck load of sand was suddenly dumped on me, and I’m dragged back to HELL for Round two… On a typical night I will cycle through 3-6 cycles of asleep paralysis… some episodes lasting just a few minutes and some lasting an hour or more…

As I sit in my recliner looking at my bed I know I’m tired yet reluctant to go and lay down… What does the sand man have planned for me tonight??? Some sweet dreams perhaps or more torture and Terror… Only time will tell so I’m going to Bite the Bullet and head to bed praying to the good Lord above for a peaceful and restful night sleep…

And to you all the same!!!
Until Next Time
“The Lost ONE”


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